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Colleen Mahon, CSEP

My career path has been a spectrum of corporate and consulting adventures, all leading to my dream job at Orchestr8, where I get to help smart people create extraordinary marketing and events. It’s not enough for me to sell a bunch of widgets. I want to know how you got into your business, why it is important to you, and how we can instill your values into your project. Only then do we break out the spreadsheets!

For me, being a consultant means asking the right questions, developing unique creative solutions and making the execution as seamless and fun as possible for my clients. I get a big kick out of bringing something from a spark of an idea to the final, tangible creation. The result may be connecting a patient to a world-class surgeon, an event that raises big bucks for a worthy cause, or thousands of happy seekers sharing a profound moment with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Maybe it’s something that until now has only existed in your mind’s eye. Let’s work together to bring it to life!


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"I don’t know another human who could have accomplished what Colleen did for Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion. The project included planning and executing 6 major events with a combined attendance of over 20,000 while overseeing funding, volunteers, security, community relationships, stage production and performers. Colleen immediately jumped in and got us on track.

She navigated through a wide array of personalities and cultures with grace, and her good spirit kept us light in some very tough moments over months of exhausting work. Colleen is fearless in envisioning big things and putting elements into place to achieve something extraordinary.

When I need someone to do the seemingly impossible, I call Colleen."

— John Borders, Steering Committee Member

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Rebuilding a university-based clinical neurosurgical practice at breakneck speed requires an ability to hold to the bigger vision while simultaneously managing a thousand tiny details. Colleen embedded as if she’d participated from the beginning, yet retained a freshness as a non-medical provider. Colleen penetrated the complex academic and clinical elements, asking strategic questions that allowed us to work smart, not just hard.

Colleen is professional, organized, budget-conscious, extremely productive and a pleasure to work with!

— Jonathan E. Hodes, MD, Chief Neurosurgeon

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With just three weeks to go before our major fundraising event, the event planner quit. Colleen stepped in and pulled the entire event together with incredible efficiency. I was amazed at what she was able to accomplish in such a short time. I immediately hired her to produce all of our events. Over the next nine years, she built the “Brain Ball” from a small fundraiser to our signature event. It is now a community happening that other organizations schedule their events around. She does this all with ease, confidence and a great deal of flair.

-- Melinda Mast, Executive Director

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Colleen is a masterful event organizer. While producing our film, "PlantPure Nation," we held a rallies in Louisville and Washington, DC. Colleen organized and directed the events and did a fantastic job for us. She is great with detail, great with people, and highly motivated. I highly recommend her.

-- Nelson Campbell, President, Campbell Wellness, LLC, shown with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Author, The China Study