What’s on your drawing board?  I can help you transform the ideas in your head to a meticulously executed reality.  Beginning with strategic questions, I’ll help you crystallize your vision, design a comprehensive plan, assemble a dream team, execute flawlessly and stick the landing. 

Let's create something extraordinary.


How do we get you from where you are to where you want to be?  We start with the Orchestr8 8-point Inventory, covering all the bases so we clearly understand our current resources, risks and opportunities. Then, we're ready to get to the nitty gritty by employing a full palette of strategic and creative services.  

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Full-service Planning + Implementation

  • Visioning and organization design

  • Strategic planning

  • Budget creation and management

  • Critical path and project management

  • Branding including logo and graphic standards

  • Tactical execution, referral and outreach plans

  • Social media and email programs

  • Graphic design, printing and production

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  • Visioning and design

  • Critical path and budget creation and management

  • Fully-integrated marketing and communications

  • Logo development, graphic design, printing and production

  • Sourcing and managing vendors and venues

  • Integrated Registration and Ticketing Solutions

  • Sponsorship proposals and VIP programs

  • Adherence to United Nations Green Meeting Principles